09 March 2009

Attendance Observation

I've served in two different locales - one in the Chicago suburbs and one in rural southern Illinois. I don't know if it holds across the country, but it is invariably true that attendance is highest on the first Sunday of a month.

The most reliable indicator of a low-attendance Sunday? Any time I think I've written a really good sermon. Never fails.



David said...

Your observation held somewhat true at my previous congregation. Attendance where I serve now is higher every other weekend, proportional to when children are able to attend due to arrangements with ex-spouses.

I notice both here and where I once served that giving is higher earlier in the month than later. Perhaps this is because Social Security checks are paid early in the month.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

I was going to comment on how you have had wonderful attendance lately, but I guess that would only end up insult your preaching your preaching, so I won't >=o)

Cecil The Sea Sick Sea Serpent said...

Ya spose a larger attendance the first Sunday of the month is the acquired LC-MS requirement for once a month communion?

L Peters said...

Attendance IS higher on the first Sunday of the month... I have noticed that too from Long Island to Nebraska to Tennessee.

Have you noticed that many who attend monthly or less do not notice that they attend only occasionally? I have found that often people have the idea in their minds that they have attended regularly but when it is pointed out to them that their attendance is only occasional, it is a complete surprise to them?