29 July 2009

More on Gospel Processions

Let's talk books. What do you process when you process? The bare lectionary book, a large Bible, a covered lectionary book?

We process a bare lectionary book. Not happy with it. I want a decent cover for it. Any suggestions?


Chad Myers said...

Large Bible, the more extravagant the covering the better (preferably gold trimmed or silver).

John said...

Large Book of the Gospels (NKJV)with a beautiful gilded metal cover. A steal at $1600 (purchased with a gift from a retired LCMS pastor who often visits our parish).

Fr. John W. Berg
Hope (LCMS), Fremont, CA

Pr. H. R. said...

At DK Brunner & Son Vestments we can get you a decorative cover for your lectionary to match your paraments. Cost is around $30 for damask and banding; additional cost for embroidered symbol from one of the standard catalogues, if desired.

Of course, it's easier to match the paraments if you just get a whole new set with the cover. . . but I'm biased.

pastorcurtis AT gmail DOT com

Rev. David A. Kind said...

We have a large NKJV Gospel Book with a silver cover. Deeply carved/engraved Romanesque cover with Christ and the 4 evangelists. A gift from a parishioner.