25 January 2010

Maybe the Hippies are Right

(As no one has posted in a while...)

This morning, while reading the new my wife exclaimed, "I am sick of hearing how everything we do hurts the planet! I am sick of hearing how everything we do increases global warming!" I didn't bother asking what new terror we unleash upon creation by our very existence - the specific details would just depress me.

Of course, the parallel to this in the 90s was how anything we ate would give us cancer. Too much milk - cancer. Too much fruit - cancer. Too much bread - cancer. And of course, it seems as though whatever diet we turn to now, even if people don't shout about it giving cancer, it still probably does this or that.

And of course, this can all play into the hippie/radical environmentalist view that humans are but a stain and a blight upon this world - that everything we do corrupts and destroys the earth. One could be even more radical and suggest that the earth itself is trying to kill us, by food, by disaster - to wipe us out and to leech back from our decaying bodies the nutrients we wrested from her.

You know. . . maybe the hippie are right.

Now, this isn't to say all the global warming stuff and the like is accurate (that is the arrogance of scientists who never look at historical patterns of weather in the past as recorded for us by people who lived through it) - but is it not true that as fallen, sinful folks we are wanton and wasteful and destructive according to our nature? Is it not true that since the Fall the earth does not yield her bounty gladly as she did in the garden, but that we must fight for our food? Is it not true that since the fall disaster and mischance happen more and more?

They are right to a certain extent - mankind and the earth are at war - and we do damage to each other all the time.

But our hope is not in fleeing to mother earth and defending her (no, this isn't an appeal to join Greenpeace) in some Chamberlinesque appease the earth move. No, this is why we look to Christ and await His second coming, when not only will be be resurrected into New Bodies free from sin, but even the earth will be made anew.

Whew -- at least the hippies aren't right about everything. . .

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