20 February 2013

2nd Amendment, Gun Free Zones, Carry permits & The Church

Congress, the media, State Legislatures, Face book, and nearly every other social media source is alive with the conversation, debate, antagonism about, Guns, Gun owners rights, and the 2nd Amendment both of the American Constitution's Bill of rights and the same at State levels. With all of this "noise" coming from all directions, has the Church made any kind of a statement, should she, and what should that be?

I must admit that I am not a proponent of "Gun Free Zones" anywhere, and that includes the Church and her worship space. I am a proponent of swift and severe punishment of those who commit crimes/acts of violence with firearms of any sort. I will not quote statistics nor do I like to listen to them for "figures lie and lairs figure" has always been a mantra for me ever since my college days and my entry into the world of high finance a.k.a. the stock market and trading.

I know of  a fellow pastor whose congregation warned him the day he came into town that he had better carry a firearm because during certain times of the year, wild game ran through the streets and you would need it for self-defense. What is the view of your brothers about "pistol packing preachers"? Should there be the ability to protect the flock should a violent person enter the sanctuary or should that just be a case of "turn the other cheek" give them what they want and continue to worship. Of course, the question of personal protect or that of a pastor's family is very different.

Just yesterday, a story broke on Fox News about a Muslim in New Jersey who had murdered two Coptic Christian men who had recently emigrated to the USA from Egypt. They were beheaded and had their hands cut off. Definitely a ritual type of killing. This is not going to be an isolated incident, not with the American people blind to this religion of the devil that is propped up as a "peaceful" religion. There are Muslim worship centers near most larger towns and the radicalization of American Muslims is growing rapidly. (No, I am not paranoid or a conspiracy guy)

What should or shouldn't a pastor do to possibly prepare for such an occurrence? Tough for me, former Marine Infantry, to not think about what could happen and think about ways to prevent or contain such a horrid situation just like Sandy Hook, or Aurora.  I look forward to your sage advice and emotional responses.


Pastor Anderson said...
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Pastor Anderson said...

I can, of course, only speak for myself. But I cannot imagine standing at the Holy Altar distributing the Body and Blood of Christ with a pistol in a shoulder holster (I would never be able to get it out from under my chasuble and alb anyway). If a cop or a retired cop attends Services with a weapon, so be it. But no, not me. I am a public preacher of the Gospel, not a public enforcer of the Law.

Carl Vehse said...

"I would never be able to get it out from under my chasuble and alb anyway"

Two words: ankle holster.

Anonymous said...

We are not without the counsel of the Fathers.

I suggest Nikolaus of Myra as a fellow from whom a good pastoral example may be drawn in defending the life and liberty of one's flock.

James Dale Wilson, North Bend, Orygun