16 May 2013

Semper Virgo, Clauso Utero and the Womb of the Church

I wrote a paper some years ago for a pastor's conference entitled: "Semper Virgo, Clauso Utero and the Womb of the Church." Some pastors were a bit suspect of it. Some even were a bit threatened, I think; after all, their entire ministries they'd taught, "Why, of COURSE Christ had natural brothers and sisters." They had assumed we DON'T confess the Semper Virgo (much less the Clauso Utero!) and suddenly, my paper put that in question. By the end of it, I think I had succeeded, if not in convincing, at least in casting these articles in a Gospel light. It's not about Mary or virginity but about CHRIST and His Gospel. One pastor even said, "If this is so much about the Gospel - as it seems from your paper - why AREN'T we teaching it?" I thought that was an excellent question.

Anyway, for anyone interested, here is a link to my paper from a few years back.



George said...

And I thank you for sending me this paper several years ago, Pr. Sawyer. It was very helpful in getting me to think about the issue and actually more carefully reading what our Confessions said on the matter and also what Dr. Luther & Gerhard said.

The clincher in moving me to accept the perpetual virginity and clauso utero was exactly what you point out here, that is, what it ultimately confesses about Christ.

George said...

Sorry, forgot the titles and all.

Rev. George Naylor
Mt. Calvary-Bayard, NE

Rev. David A. Kind said...

Teaching a class on this tomorrow night. Thanks for posting the paper Rick!