19 March 2010

Speaker Pelosi Invokes St. Joseph

Today the Church honors St. Joseph, who is not only the patron saint of workers, but is also the stepfather and guardian of our Lord Jesus Christ and the protector and husband of His blessed mother. When the corrupt government of St. Joseph's day was committing infanticide and sought to remove Jesus from the public life of the people - St. Joseph expatriated his family in order to protect them from the murderous Herod and his henchpersons.

Madame Speaker was recently admonished by another Joseph (known to the world as Benedict) for her advocacy of infanticide. She is on record of supporting the use of public monies for infanticide - presumably in the very bill she is praying to St. Joseph for help in passing it.

Today is St. Joseph's feast, but it is also the season of Lent. I would urge Mrs. Pelosi to repent and become a protector and defender of children, as St. Joseph was to his holy Stepchild.

--- Rev. Larry Beane


Chad Myers said...

As a side note, today is NOT the feast day of St. Joseph the Worker. That is May 1st. Today (3/19) is the feast day of St. Joseph, Husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary (a special day for husbands, fathers, and men in care of others to remember St. Joseph's heroic virtue, chastity, and piety, among other great qualities).

Not surprisingly, Speaker Pelosi gets her supposed Catholic faith completely wrong. She always seems to mention her "faith" whenever it's convenient and politically expedient for her to mention it.

It's also amusing or sad to note that the various groups of Nuns and Sister she mentions are heavily liberal groups, known for not wearing their habits but pant-suits. Most grew up in the 50's and 60's and are pro-abortion feminists. They're getting old and there is no new blood joining their order and so these Nuns and Sisters are faced with a retirement health care crisis of their own making.

Meanwhile, younger women are flocking to the more conservative orders by the hundreds with record applications every year and those orders are thriving.

The "Spirit of Vatican II" (the mantra of liberal Catholics who think Vatican II meant we can throw common sense out the door) is starting to dye off and these are its death throws.

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

(Begin attempt at straight faced drollness) -- But this is appropriate, for Joseph really cared for families. . . and this bill really cares for families by providing the affordable health care they need, or keeping unwanted additions to the family budget down (end attempt at straight faced drollness)

There is something we need to remember when we discuss the issue of Abortion with people who are pro-choice. Very few will say that they like "abortion" but that sometimes it is that sad necessity, that hard, hard choice that is in the best interest of the family.

This is the confusion of the world - and all this just highlights this.