22 August 2009


The news out of the ELCA Churchwide Assembly is not really surprising, but that doesn't make it any less painful.

But what is worse, if you ask me, is what passes for the "conservative" resistance. Lutheran CORE (Coalition for Reform) will be hosting a meeting in Indianapolis in September for all disaffected ELCA folks to talk about future plans.

But here's something from their FAQs on Human Sexuality:

Is it true that ordaining people who are in same-sex sexual relationships is the same as the

ordination of women or as changes in church teaching regarding slavery?

No. There is significant Biblical support for the ordination of women. The ELCA’s predecessor
churches made the decision to ordain women by studying the Bible and based their decision on
Scripture. It also was through reading Scripture that Christians came to challenge slavery as an institution. Those asking for the ordination of practicing homosexual persons are asking the ELCA to reject the clear teaching of Scripture on homosexual behavior and the consistent teaching of the Christian Church for nearly 2,000 years. They are asking that we make this decision on a basis other than what the Bible teaches and in spite of what the Bible teaches.

And there you have it: significant Biblical support for the ordination of women.

The folks at CORE and Word Alone and Society of the Holy Trinity just don't see the connection between the Scriptural mandate of a male ministry, human sexuality, and gender in the reflection of the image of God.

If you have a friend who is in the ELCA, I think that's the conversation to strike up at this time. This article by Pless might be a good place to start. Does anybody remember that quote from a Logia article a few years ago? Some European bishop, maybe Jobst, said something like, "If Galatians 3:28 means that it doesn't matter if a pastor is a woman, then it also means that it doesn't matter of a wife is a woman." Wish I could find that quote. . .


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