25 August 2009

What a Pastor Does

+ In Nomine Jesu +

As a shepherd of the sheep of Christ, a pastor

Preaches the Gospel,

Teaches the Word of God,

Catechizes the young and old,

Prays with and for the flock, and

Administers the Mysteries of God:

For the entire congregation, collectively, and for each member individually within his or her various and sundry circumstances, from day to day, week after week, throughout the year;

all for the sake of absolution, which is the forgiving of sinners,

unto repentant faith and life in Christ the Crucified.

+ Soli Deo Gloria +


Sean said...

where's the "like" button?

Anonymous said...

Obviously I like this very much. But I am always struggling with how and where all of the other "stuff" that pastors do fits in with this. Meetings, administrative tasks, the general "get it done" that reflects the reality that in most parishes, the pastor is the only full time person. If you do all this "stuff," then you neglect the actual point. IF you don't do this "stuff", then you can come across as high and mighty and above such mundanities. Where's the balance?

Rev. David A. Kind said...

You forgot - webmaster, printer, office manager, purchasing agent, organizer, staff supervisor, strategic planner, fundraiser, greeter, mailroom flunkie, etc, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't forget them. I just didn't list them out...

Rev. David A. Kind said...

Didn't mean you, Todd, I meant Rick forgot these. ;)

Rev. Rick Stuckwisch said...

It is true that pastors are often expected to be responsible for any number of things thar are temporal and peripheral concern. Depending on the circumstances, such things may or may not be reasonable. The pastor does what he needs to do for the sake of the Ministry of the Gospel. But that is precisely my point or purpose with this little post. A pastor cannot keep his bearings unless he is clear in his own mind as to what he is ultimately to be about.

Besides that, it is not only the people and the congregation that may distract the pastor from the primary things he is to be doing. Pastors also fall into the trap of distracting themselves, perhaps with very worthwhile pursuits, but apart from their proper vocation or out of proportion to their fundamental pastoral duties. For myself, I find it helpful, even necessary, routinely to remind myself what it is all about: that the purpose of everything is the preaching of repentance for the forgiveness of sins unto faith and life in Christ the Crucified.

Matthias Flacius said...

Speaking as baptized priest and layman who serves as a chair of parish education in my congregation, I say Amen! The next time the baptized priests in your congregations ask how they can live more spiritual lives...give them some purpose-filled suggestions: mow the lawn, webmaster, organize events, greet, teach Sunday School to kids, plan youth events, teach your children proper churchly behavior, cook meals when needed. I WANT my pastors to do what they are called to do: preach God's word in its truth and purity and administer the sacraments rightly.